Taking a Deep Dive Into Unpacking Implicit Bias to Influence Doulas and the Birth or Postpartum Teams

You may hear the term “implicit bias”, but what does it really mean? What does implicit bias look like? How does implicit bias feel? At the end of this session, you’ll be able to answer those questions and begin to recognize implicit bias in yourself and others. We know that implicit bias (and explicit bias) places families of color and marginalized communities on track for risk of pre-term birth, morbidity and death. We will dive deeper to identify individual and group bias to learn how to dismantle implicit bias, calling it out in the moment, for the benefit of birthing and postpartum families. Doing this work will be your direct contribution towards combatting the inequities and disparities in the broken birthing U.S. health care system that lead to higher maternal morbidity and mortality rates and infant mortality rates.