Exhibitors and Sponsors

Exhibiting at the DONA International Conference is a fun, rewarding and exciting opportunity! Prenatal, perinatal and postpartum care professionals attend our events. Our intimate setting allows for attendees to visit each and every booth while permitting exhibitors to maximize their investment by establishing meaningful connections.

DONA International is the largest doula organization in the world with over 5,000 members. Many of our member doulas are also childbirth educators, lactation consultants, massage therapists, nurses and parent educators. Make your presence and products known to our registrants and expectant new families with whom these professionals work throughout the year by becoming a sponsor.

Sponsorships Opportunities

Sponsor Application Form

Take this valuable opportunity to support DONA International and the mission to help birthing families by becoming a sponsor of our 2020 DONA International Summit. All sponsors will be listed on the event website in recognition of their support of childbirth professionals and new families.


Exhibitor Opportunities

Exhibitor Application Form

Exhibiting at the 2020 DONA International 2020 Summit provides multiple opportunities for exposure to the DONA International community leaders and doulas. DONA International recognizes that exhibitors and conference participants benefit from sharing information on products and doula needs. For exhibitors to get maximum exposure, exhibits will be set up near the sessions and will include:

  • Single six (6) foot draped table; two (2) chairs; breakfast (for one) Friday and Saturday 
  • Listing in the electronic conference program and website (contracted and paid before September 5, 2019 – 5 pm EST)

Exhibit Table Fees

 Regular Rate
(After June 28, 2019)
*Author rate, exhibit space and merchandise are limited to author’s own personal work.


Exhibitor Guidelines


First exhibitor included in the package. Additional booth personnel -$150.00. Exhibitors receive 15% registration discount for full summit registration. Set-up: Thursday, October 15, 2020 from 3:30 pm. All set-up must be completed by exhibit hall open time of 5:30 pm.  Breakdown will take place at 4:30 pm on October 17, 2019. Exhibit times (subject to change).

Exhibitors may not advertise any other national or international birth and/or postpartum doula certification programs or organizations during the DONA International Leadership Summit. DONA International reserves the right to refuse acceptance of any exhibitor.

Products and services sold through multilevel marketing practices are limited to one exhibitor per company/product. The first paid application received and verified by DONA Conference Exhibit Committee will be accepted as an exhibitor. Only the accepted exhibitor is permitted to display on the exhibit floor. Other representatives who market the same service/product separately are not permitted to share the exhibit with the accepted exhibitor.

About the Event and Attendees

Participants of the Summit are birth and postpartum support professionals who work directly with birthing parents, babies, siblings and other health care providers. The Leadership Summit will attract leaders and influencers in the birth community including DONA Approved Trainers, Regional Directors and local Ambassadors are expected to attend.

Because the field of birth and postpartum support continues to grow, the market is open for many opportunities for product education ton include:

  • Birth doulas offer prenatal visits, attendance at labor and birth, lactation support and follow-up postpartum contact with parents
  • Postpartum doulas meet prenatally with parents and work with the family following the birth providing support for breastfeeding, newborn care, siblings and other support in adjusting to the new family dynamics
  • Approved Trainers serve as DONA International educators and pass on their vast knowledge on to individuals looking to train and certify as doulas
  • Regional Directors and Ambassadors represent DONA International and the local and regional level and interact with our membership by providing support and advise

DONA International by the Numbers

  • 5,200 members
  • 79% in the US, 14% in Canada, 6% from other countries
  • 99% female
  • Over 6,000 individuals attended DONA International training (annually)
  • 125 DONA Approved Trainers
  • Over 13,500 Certified Birth and Post-Partum Doulas